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We offer over 30 different kinds of tapas.

Tapas are served in random order and time.


Spanish Serrano ham  

Grilled chorizo with chimichurri    

Chicken and pork liver pate

Braised goat meat in adobo of guajillo - Authentic Birria

Pork shoulder braised in pasilla pepper and tomatillo 

Chicken hearts "salteados"

Veal tongue in tomatillo 

Pickled pork feet escabeche 

Duck leg confit with Amarena cherry gastric 




Pan seared citrus-garlic calamari

Fire grilled prawns piri-piri

Bacalao croquettes

Fast seared Albacore tuna with guacamole

Charales - fried smelts, sea salt and lemon

House cured mackerel and lemon oil 

Octopus aquachile - Limited quantities 

Clams and beans - As Portuguese as it gets
Mussels - Freestyle  



Marinated mixed olives

Toasted walnut, roasted garlic chick pea spread

Marinated red beet with mint-balsamic vinaigrette 

Chicory and butter bean salad 
2oz. selected cheese

Fast roast broccoli and Jerez vinegar

Ricotta cheese, Himalaya salt and candied jalapeños

Patatas bravas

Grilled Romaine with maple balsamic mayo - Since 2012

Roasted Anaheim peppers, sea salt and garlic oil 

Tk Knife-2018_small-edited.png


Made of 100% Spanish saffron rice, mussels, clams, roasted chicken and prawns.

Our signature dish, Okanagan's best.                     


Is the best way, you can enjoy 

"The Kitchen"

Experience a variety of tapas and unexpected dishes.

Suggested for adventurous guests.

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