After long hours, burns, greasy rugs and still restless with adrenaline to keep cooking, I enrolled myself at Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts. Where I learned the classic French cuisine, over time I developed the simplicity of Italian food through exhausting, loud, passionate chefs and family. During my travels I have also experienced the vast Portuguese and Spanish gastronomy,

that today inspires my own culinary artistic expression.

Since I opened you will find me in The Kitchen

regardless the day or time, every plate served passes 

through my hands.

You may like it or you may hate it. "I thank you either way". because I no longer cook to impress. I craft meals whose ingredients are adventures which express my story. I want to share delightful moments with you and reveal the passion found in my mouth-watering journey.​


Take the time to read the back 

of our menu.

You will have a chuckle.



"Portuguese tapas with Mexican flare"

The Kitchen, was created in 2012 being the "First Okanagan restaurant serving Tapas",with the goal of setting itself apart from pretentious fine dining three course menus. Our goal was to develop a more social and interactive way of eating. Chef Abul Adame crafts a wide range of diverse dishes served Tapa style, inspired by Da Silva vineyards + wines.

At The Kitchen you will find a friendly atmosphere operated with family values and honest simple preparation. The best way to experience the Kitchen is through “Chef’s Choice”, where Abul will bring out course after course of vegetarian, seafood, meat tapas with surprises along the way.  Chef’s choice enables Abul’s creativity to be tested and opportunity to  diverge from the normal menu.

The menu is 98% GF. Not to comply to people food sensitivities or trends

rather it's Abuls way of eating. It just is. It was never planned.

Until today with my son Saion, friends and family,

cherished social moments are served in The Kitchen.



375 Upper bench road north

Pentictn, BC. V2A 2E9




© 2020 Created by Abul Adame